Services GPO


Providing you with a comprehensive and detailed quote is a point of honour for GPO. Your requests are processed quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our watchword is “price quoted = price on the invoice” and never any nasty surprises due to extra costs in packaging, handling, etc.Are your references incomplete or is there a specific element that puzzles you? Call our technical department and we will find the exact reference that you require.


Our offers are available with or without delivery mode. Whether small packages, large parts or entire containers, GPO quickly delivers all your orders to the destination of your choice.In order to guarantee smooth operations and first class insurance for its customers, GPO collaborates exclusively with known and renowned international transporters such as DHL and TNT. GPO’s area of expertise means no place is given to uncertainty or probability.

Quality and Certification

GPO implements specific procedures that are compliant with international standards in documentary tracking for transport and in quality control.GPO also works with inspection bodies such as SGS, Cotecna, etc.Thanks to its network and the result of more than 20 years of experience, GPO fully ensures the quality and origin of all merchandise handled and delivered. From selection to transport, including quality control, GPO is synonymous with quality.

Hard to Find

Our HTF department is specialised in seeking and obtaining specific parts or engines that are no longer in catalogues or which can no longer be delivered by the constructor’s distribution network.